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About Us

J. Kim Wright - Curator

Emily Allbon - Curator

J. Kim Wright is a legal systems entrepreneur who has a lot of roles and job descriptions. Overall, she is about transforming systems, ideas, approaches, locations, and habits in the legal system. She is a connector of cutting-edge lawyers, like-minded professionals, and communities and has a vast global network of lawyers and creative professionals. She watches and showcases trends in the integrative law movement. She is the author of two American Bar Association books:  Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law; and Lawyers as Changemakers: The Global Integrative Law Movement.  She has contributed to several other books, writes regularly in several periodicals.

Kim innovates in a legal system which serves lawyers, their clients, and the planet. She teaches lawyers, law students, and entrepreneurs. She is a coach and trusted advisor to clients who are changemakers. After a dozen years of being a nomad, bringing change, connection, and humanistic innovations on six continents, she is grounded in one place for the forseeable future, serving as one of the space-holders of the integrative law movement. For more details, see her personal site or find her on LinkedIn

Emily Allbon is an Associate Professor at the City Law School (University of London). She is known for her work in developing Lawbore, a resource that supports and engages law students. Additionally, she launched TL;DR, a legal gallery aimed at enhancing the accessibility of law. Emily’s achievements have earned her recognition in both the legal profession and academia, including prestigious awards such as the Wildy/BIALL Law Librarian of the Year, Best paper in Legal Education and Technology at BILETA, Routledge/Association of Law Teachers (ALT) Teaching Law with Technology Prize, and was named as a National Teaching Fellow by the HEA (UK) in 2013. Her research interests span legal education, research, information literacy, student engagement, legal design, and the integration of technology in teaching and learning.

Camilla Andersen - Curator

Lisa Toohey - Curator

Camilla Baasch Andersen is a Professor in the Law School at the University of Western Australia, previously holding posts at the University of Leicester, the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London and University of Copenhagen in her native Denmark. She has worked with the CISG Advisory Council, been the National Reporter for the United Kingdom for the International Academy of Comparative Law, and was the founding co-editor of The Journal of Comparative Law and a Fellow at the Institute of International Commercial Law at Pace Law School, New York. She serves sits on the UNCITRAL Australian Co-ordination Committee. Her recent research into pro-active law and legal design has seen her serve on the Nordic Pro-Active Think Tank, and since 2017 she has led the pioneering Comic Book Contract team at UWA. 

Lisa Toohey is a Professor of Law at the University of Newcastle Australia, where she was a founder of the Legal Design and Innovation Initiative, a 2020 Fulbright Senior Scholar, and an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales.  She has previously held Deputy Dean roles in teaching and in equity, diversity and inclusion. Lisa teaches and researches in the fields of international trade law, legal design, and dispute resolution. Her research is focused on the question of how individuals and groups understand and interpret their rights in order to resolve disputes at international, domestic, and transactional levels.  She has a particular interest in how individuals in civil disputes access and interpret legal information, and how legal design can be used as a tool to better facilitate understanding of legal information.

About the Book

Our panel reviews submissions of your real-life projects currently making an impact in the world, and given your permission, we include this data in our upcoming book on Lawyers as Designers. Lawyers as Designers is an initiative to encourage lawyers to think with creativity and innovation, seeking to discover how designs can make an impact on our current and future world. 

Watch this space as our Book begins to take shape!